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Topaz Studio Changelog




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    Karen Proft

    I LOVE TOPAZ STUDIO!  It amazes me everytime I use it.   I love the tutorials, but in general I find the adjustments are very easy to understand and use.   Your team has done a fabulous job with TOPAZ STUDIO.  (And I thought I'd won the lottery when I first purchased all the original TOPAZ products and saw what they could do for my photos--now my new "default" product is TOPAZ STUDIO-- Thanks guys!)

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    William Collins

    Really like this system....thank you...Photoshop has least from my perspective...

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    Steve Kenny

    It would be nice if you linked the new update from here. I will continue to look for it.

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    Catherine Paulson

    where is the update manager

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    @William, thank you for the kind words!

    @Steve, the latest version can always be found on the Studio Download Page

    @Cathy, you can find it here:

    • Mac: /Applications/Topaz Studio/Update
    • PC: C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio\Update Manager.exe

    However, I'd like to note that the easiest way to update is Help → Check for Updates, from within the application.

    @Karen, aww shucks.  We're honored :)

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    William Shaheen

    Among so many other things about Topaz Studio, I REALLY like this change log. So easy to click on a release and see the developments.

    William in Gold Canyon, AZ

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    @William S, I'm glad you like it!  We have a ton of updates planned, so I figured an approach like this would help keep things nice and tidy.  I also like being able to jump directly to the version I'm looking for - even we can lose track of exactly when we fixed a problem, we've been so busy responding to all the feedback :)

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    Leo Janssen

    Loved Topaz Labs, gave me a lot of inspiration ... but am overwhelmed by Topaz Studio ... gives me tons of ideas! I use both as plugin of LR6cc and PScc. I agree with what's written in one of the comments above (William Collins) PS is getting serious competition. More and more my workflow shows LR6cc -> Topaz Studio -> LR6cc(Library). Meant as a tribute to Topaz Studio.

    Question: there's a lot of updating going on. Everytime validation of an adjustment is needed. Isn't it possible you validate the existing Topaz Labs accounts (I've a complete one) and when an update is there one only have to click a yes/no button?

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    Michael Gottlieb

    Thank you for keeping me current.

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    Jeff Sallows


    I'm just starting to use Topaz again; trying to find time for my hobby! I'm very excited about all the changes with Topaz Studio and would like to commend all the Topaz people for their amazing hard work!

    Just a few questions: Detail, Clarity, and Impression are now in Studio. I own all of the Topaz Plugins except for one I think. Will all of the existing Plugins eventually be brought into Studio, and any idea of time frame? Also, I noticed that there is a menu selection in Studio for 'Plugins'. I haven't brought my Plugins into Studio because presumably the new versions will show up in Studio anyway - and the old Plugins would have to be removed from Studio because they would, in effect, be redundant. Am I understanding this correctly? Thank you very much!

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