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Topaz Studio Changelog




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    Karen Proft

    I LOVE TOPAZ STUDIO!  It amazes me everytime I use it.   I love the tutorials, but in general I find the adjustments are very easy to understand and use.   Your team has done a fabulous job with TOPAZ STUDIO.  (And I thought I'd won the lottery when I first purchased all the original TOPAZ products and saw what they could do for my photos--now my new "default" product is TOPAZ STUDIO-- Thanks guys!)

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    William Collins

    Really like this system....thank you...Photoshop has least from my perspective...

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    Steve Kenny

    It would be nice if you linked the new update from here. I will continue to look for it.

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    where is the update manager

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    @William, thank you for the kind words!

    @Steve, the latest version can always be found on the Studio Download Page

    @Cathy, you can find it here:

    • Mac: /Applications/Topaz Studio/Update
    • PC: C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio\Update Manager.exe

    However, I'd like to note that the easiest way to update is Help → Check for Updates, from within the application.

    @Karen, aww shucks.  We're honored :)

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    William Shaheen

    Among so many other things about Topaz Studio, I REALLY like this change log. So easy to click on a release and see the developments.

    William in Gold Canyon, AZ

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    @William S, I'm glad you like it!  We have a ton of updates planned, so I figured an approach like this would help keep things nice and tidy.  I also like being able to jump directly to the version I'm looking for - even we can lose track of exactly when we fixed a problem, we've been so busy responding to all the feedback :)

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    Leo Janssen

    Loved Topaz Labs, gave me a lot of inspiration ... but am overwhelmed by Topaz Studio ... gives me tons of ideas! I use both as plugin of LR6cc and PScc. I agree with what's written in one of the comments above (William Collins) PS is getting serious competition. More and more my workflow shows LR6cc -> Topaz Studio -> LR6cc(Library). Meant as a tribute to Topaz Studio.

    Question: there's a lot of updating going on. Everytime validation of an adjustment is needed. Isn't it possible you validate the existing Topaz Labs accounts (I've a complete one) and when an update is there one only have to click a yes/no button?

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    Michael Gottlieb

    Thank you for keeping me current.

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