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Impression in Studio




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    Paul Meachen

    You say "Impression can now be accessed without a paid host editor ".  That's always been the case - Impression works as a standalone.

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    @Paul, good catch!  The article has been updated to reflect that you can still use Impression without a paid host editor :)


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    The new "in Studio" is excellent. As always Topaz is just fantastic. Love it.

    Impression works so much better, faster and increased fun that I didn't think possible.

    Brilliant Topaz, just brilliant!!!

    Thanks fae a wee artistic photographer in Scotland.

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    It's deplorable that Topaz apparently has seen fit to terminate development for Photoshop. It seems that we Photoshoppers have to accept a messy bloatware host-in-host in order to access updates to our Topaz plug-ins.

    It's understandable that Topaz should want to reach a wider user base than Photoshop pros and enthusiasts. But it should have been no big deal to continue providing updated PS plugs in parallel with the "Studio" versions.

    Anyway, my current Topaz plugs work well enough with PS CS6.

    Bye, bye, Topaz!

    Kind regards,

    Joachim Smith

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    @Joachim/spitfire31, you should check out the section that mentions you can still use Impression as a plugin.  That workflow option is still very possible.


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