Project Files (.tsp)

Requires Topaz Studio 1.2

Getting Started

How do I save a project?

To get started with Topaz Studio Projects (.tsp), you'll want to select File → Save As..., first. When you see the Save As window, you can select Project Files (*.tsp), as shown below:


How do I open/edit a project?

We've all been there. You edit a picture, but forgot how you did it. Which Adjustment did I use? Or -- even worse, you want to make a minor change, but you can't. Instead, you're forced to do mental gymnastics to remember what you did to get the effect you made, then proceed to tweak the image. Well, those days are long gone! With the Topaz Studio 1.2 update, we've added Topaz Studio Project Files! The format is .TSP, which stands for "Topaz Studio Project".


Direct Opening

What is a .tsp good for?

If you've ever wanted to jump right back into your image and get back to work, this is the feature for you. Open your .tsp file to get right back to where you were!

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