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Project Files (.tsp)




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    J David Gibb

    I see the value of tsp files.  However, I use LR as my portal to Studio.  However, I have to pick a path for the .tsp file to save it.  When I reopen it and finish my work, I can't save it back as a .tif without re-identifying the original LR path.  It seems like I have to do a few unnatural acts to take advantage of the .tsp feature.  I hope this can be addressed in a future release.

    Thanks for all the work you folks are doing in Studio.  It's a great product (I have the Topaz Suite and Studio Pro).  It's taking a little study and practice to get used to Presets vs. Adjustments, but I'm getting there!

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    @Vladislav, thank you for the kind words, we're excited to finally deliver this feature to our users.  We currently use ZIP compression for the .tsp files, and we plan on optimizing and refining the feature in the future.

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    Vladislav Jurco

    Awesome - I was waiting for this more than year. Especially returning back and tweaking something which was either not finished or not done OK (and  after closer inspection was discovered nto OK). It has tremenduos value - for me. KUDOS Topaz. Now just try it to make it bit compressed - project files are quite large 100MB+ for 20MPix file original RAW

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