Detail in Studio

New Name: Detail in Studio

Detail has been renamed to Detail in Studio and has officially moved into Topaz Studio! This change has been made to remove the unnecessary version numbers we provide with the plugin version (e.g. Detail 2.0.5 and Detail 3.2.0). As we continue this path of moving Detail into Topaz Studio, this will enable us to focus on the overall mission of improving the entire Topaz Labs experience from start to finish. With this new name, we begin the journey to a more integrated, complete, and user-focused product.


Detail 3.2.0



Detail in Studio


Now inside Topaz Studio

Going forward, you will access Detail from the Topaz Studio application. Detail can now be accessed without a paid host editor (such as Photoshop and Lightroom), AND you can access Detail directly from the Workflow Panel in Topaz Studio.


Precision Detail

We have added Precision Detail to several different areas inside Topaz Studio to make it more accessible to you. You can access Detail through the workflow panel on the left under "Specialty", adjustment drop down menu, and also, from the blue adjustment shortcut button on the workspace to the right.


Channel Mixer

One of the new controls introduced in Detail in Studio is the Channel Mixer found under the adjustment menu. The Channel Mixer is an expanded control over RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color channels, giving you the ability to adjust the brightness by combining the contribution of RGB in an image.


We have made great improvements to the speed and large detail for this Detail update! By incorporating Detail into Topaz Studio we have achieved a significantly reduced launch time.

Faster Speed

With the latest Detail update we harnessed the power through Topaz Studio to increase the speed! Take a look at the launch time between the Detail 3.2.0 and Detail in Studio:


Detail 3.2.0



Detail in Studio


Large Detail

With the latest update to Detail in Studio, we improved the ability to target large structures more accurately. Before, Detail 3.2.0 was targeting, what were considered "large structures" with a fixed pixel size that did not relate to the overall size of the image. Now, Detail in Studio has been upgraded so it targets the larger detail structure proportionally to the overall image size, which will allow for more control over the targeted detail structure and resulting style of your image.


Detail 3.2.0



Detail in Studio


Plugin Access

Keeping with Topaz Labs tradition, you can still launch Detail directly as a Photoshop plug-in. However, we've moved the entry into Topaz Studio, so you know you're launching Detail in Studio.


Filter → Topaz Labs → Topaz Detail...



Filter → Topaz Studio → Detail...


Can't find it?

If you do not see Detail listed in Photoshop, please follow the guidance here:

Free Update

AS ALWAYS, if you already own Detail 3 then you receive the update to Detail in Studio 100% free! You'll need to download and install Topaz Studio (a FREE application) to use the Detail in Studio update. If you are just getting started with Topaz Studio, please see the How to Download section. NOTE: you will need Topaz Studio installed to claim your free Precision Detail and Channel Mixer Adjustments that make up Detail in Studio:

Follow the steps below to get the update:


Confirm Ownership

First, you'll want to confirm you already own Topaz Detail. You can confirm ownership by checking your Topaz Labs account here:


Login into Topaz Studio Account

Once you have confirmed ownership, CREATE AN ACCOUNT in Topaz Studio with the same account credentials as your Topaz Labs account. If you already have a Topaz Studio account, you can simply login:


Access Topaz Studio

Download and install the latest version of Topaz Studio. Click here for specific instructions. Once you have launched Topaz Studio, successfully logged in, OPENED an image, and selected Detail from the Workflow panel on the left, you'll see the new interface!


Update Complete

Once you've logged in, the Topaz Studio application will AUTOMATICALLY check your Plugins Account page for you, and add Detail in Studio (Precision Detail & Channel Mixer) to your Topaz Studio Account. You will now have full access to Detail in Studio


I don't own Detail - yet!

If you do not own Detail, you can purchase it from the Topaz Studio Web Store, or by pressing the button below to go directly to the cart:

 Includes: Precision Detail & Channel Mixer Adjustments

How to Download Topaz Studio

To get started with Detail in Studio, first download and install Topaz Studio from the page below:

Once you have Topaz Studio installed, you can find Detail in Studio in the Specialty Workflow Section to the left of the screen, as shown above . Topaz Detail in Studio will be accessed from this location from now on.

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