How to Download Topaz Studio

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Getting Started

Please make sure your hardware is compatible.

Once you have determined that your computer will be able to install Topaz Studio, you can move onto the next step, Downloading.


Step 1

To download Topaz Studio, please head to the Download Page:

Step 2

Then, select the version of Studio that you'd like to install (Mac or Windows). You will see buttons that look like this:

download_buttons.jpg Topaz Studio Download Buttons

Step 3

Find the file you downloaded. You will most likely find the file in your Downloads folder, but if you have set a custom download folder location, you should look there, instead. Once you have located the installer file, you can move on to Installing.

download_win.png Windows Installer download_mac.png Mac Installer


Now that you have located the installer, we can begin installing Topaz Studio! To get started with the installation process, please open the file you located above. When you open this file, you will be presented with the Topaz Studio Online Installer. We'll get into more of what this Online Installer is all about, after we get Studio installed.

Step 1

Open the Topaz Studio Online Installer. On Mac, you will be presented with one additional screen, that Windows users do not see. Click the button below to see exactly which screen we're referring to:

From this screen, double click the topazstudio_online_installer file, to open the application installer.


Step 2

Now, with the Online Installer open, you can proceed with installation. This is what you should see, if the installer opened correctly:

install_win_start.png Windows Installer Start install_mac_start.png Mac Installer Start

Step 3

When the installer begins, you will see the Topaz Studio application and necessary components being downloaded. Here's what that should look like on your screen:

install_win_inprogress.png Windows Installer Progress install_mac_inprogress.png Mac Installer Progress

Step 4

Once installation has completed, launch Topaz Studio!

install_win_finish.PNG Windows Installer Finished install_mac_finish.png Mac Installer Finished
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