How do I buy Topaz Studio?

Topaz Studio itself is free to use, as long as you have a Topaz Account.  If you have not created a Topaz Account on the new Topaz Studio site, please select the My Account button below to sign up:

Topaz Studio provides many Adjustments for free, utilizing only presets. If you want more control than the presets provide, you can purchase the Adjustment. When you purchase an Adjustment, you will own that Adjustment forever. If we update that Adjustment with new features, you'll get those for free, as well (it's the Topaz way!). Topaz Labs stands by its policy of providing customers free updates for life.

Can I try the software first?

Of course you can! To try an advanced Adjustment, simply select the "Try Pro" option in the Adjustment panel. We have configured Topaz Studio so that you can try each Adjustment on a separate 30 day timer. No more rushing to try all the features we offer - take your time if you need it.

Start Trial Starting Trial Trial Mode
buy_start_trial.jpg buy_starting_trial.jpg buy_trialmode.jpg

So, how do I purchase?

You can start the purchase process in a few ways:

Select "Go Pro" from the bottom of the Adjustment panel


Select "Go Full Pro" from the bottom of the Adjustments top menu


Select "Go Full Pro" from the bottom of the Adjustment "More" list


From the Topaz Studio Shop

 Topaz Shop

About the Go Pro options

When using the "Go Full Pro" or "Go Pro" links in the application, your default web browser will open, and take you to the checkout page.

How to get Pro after purchasing

When you purchase Pro for any or all Adjustments, you will not receive a download link! All Adjustments are already installed in Topaz Studio. All you need to do is head back to Topaz Studio to find your newly upgraded pro Adjustments ready for use!

pro_vs_free-trial.png Some Pro and some Free Adjustments

Topaz Studio Pro Adjustments will turn blue in the Adjustment menu, only when you purchase Pro for that Adjustment

propack.png After Studio Pro Pack purchase

When you either purchase the Pro Pack, or eventually buy Pro for all Adjustments, all icons will be blue, and "Get Pro Pack" will be removed from the menu

Go Full Pro:

If you selected "Go Full Pro", you will find we have already added the  Adjustment Pro Pack to your cart.  The Adjustment Pro Pack contains all of the Adjustments available in Topaz Studio, at a 50% discount. You should see a notice similar to this at the top of your checkout page:

buy-all.jpg Adjustment Pro Pack added to cart

Go Pro:

If you selected "Go Pro" from any of the Adjustment-level menus, then you will see the Adjustment you were working with has already been added to your cart.  The notice for individual Adjustments being added to your cart looks exactly the same as the notice above.

How to apply a coupon

Applying coupons to your purchase is about as straightforward as it gets. You must apply coupons on the checkout page, just before you buy. Here's where you'll type the coupon code:

apply-coupon.jpg Enter your coupon code here

Once your coupon code is applied, you can proceed with checkout!

Accepted Payment Types

Currently, we accept the following payment methods, but we are exploring adding more options to this list!


About Invoicing:

For government agencies, school districts, and other entities that must purchase software via Purchase Order & Invoicing, we do offer a payment option for you. However, we'll need you to reach out requests like this, by submitting a request with the button below:

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