Refund Policy

How to get a refund from us

Topaz Labs has a 30 day, no-questions-asked refund policy. That means that you're eligible for a full refund on any of our products 30 days after purchasing, no reason required.
***If you purchased a product as a part of a bundle, we will refund the entire bundle. We are not able to issue refunds for individual products in a bundle.
Getting a refund is a simple process:

  1. Head to your Topaz Labs Account page on our site.
  2. Click the Orders button.
  3. Search for the Order # for the order you'd like to refund and copy it/note it down.
  4. Submit a request with our support team.
  5. For the How can we help you today? dropdown box, select I Would Like To Refund My Product.
  6. Fill in the rest of the fields as necessary then select Submit.
  7. One of our support team members will reply letting you know that the refund has been processed!

Once the refund has been processed, your software will revert to a trial state.

Reseller Refunds

Topaz Labs has several authorized resellers of our products. These resellers sell the product to their own customers, who then come to the Topaz Labs site to register that purchase with our system. Purchases made in this manner cannot be directly refunded! Instead, buyers will need to request refunds of these types directly from the party they purchased from. Here is a list of authorized resellers that we work with:

  • Serif
  • Corel
  • 5DayDeal
  • CreationEngine

Note: We are not accepting new resellers at this time. Also, if you were sold our product by any other party than one listed above, your purchase will not be registered to your account.

Requesting a refund for trade show purchases

If you've purchased Topaz Labs software from one of our trade show representatives, there are specific instructions to getting them refunded. To receive a refund of your purchase, submit a request with our support team and include the following information:


  1. A photo/scan of the back of each of the cardboards you had purchased at the show/event. The Claim Key at the back should be clearly visible.
  2. The last four digits of your credit card number.
  3. The approximate date of your purchase.

Once we receive this information, we'll begin processing your refund.

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