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Topaz Studio is an effort to provide our customers with more frequent updates, higher quality products, and a toolset that truly provides value to your photo editing workflow. There are some big changes in Topaz Studio when compared to our previous products, so we figure the best way to introduce you to this new approach is to explain what we changed and why.

Main Differences

Our plugins were built to address very specific editing tasks that were either time consuming, difficult to accomplish, or simply inconvenient to complete. As time progressed, we added products that we knew would provide value to our customers. Unfortunately, the more products we added, the harder it became to maintain everything, so we knew changes were necessary.


From the very beginning of the Topaz Studio process, you will notice the first major change to our products. We no longer use license keys to activate your purchases in Topaz Studio.


Yep, that's right! Now, instead of tracking and inputting long license keys, you just need your Topaz Labs account to activate your software. This will mean that you will need to be connected to the internet, but given that you must be connected to the internet to download the software, or even read this message, we think that's a reasonable tradeoff for this change. You can visit your Topaz Studio account page anytime to see the Adjustments you own:


Topaz Studio changes the way we deliver the products we make to you. With a unified core platform, we can now immediately provide access to Adjustments you purchase, without the need to head back to a download page or even waiting on your order receipt email. Installation takes place with a single file, and all purchased Adjustments become immediately available to the user. You can get started with the download, and view download and installation instructions below:

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