Introducing: Gigapixel AI

 Gigapixel AI is not intended to be used with Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other host editor. It is a completely standalone application
 Gigapixel AI is a very demanding application. Our ambitious goal for this product is to provide the absolute best quality ever seen in an upsampling application. Rome wasn't built in a day!


Why AI?

Here at Topaz Labs, we are constantly looking for new ways to push technology in a direction that empowers artists. the ever-increasing pace of life and the need for endless inspiration, editing and creating can start to feel a bit overwhelming. Using Topaz Labs' Artistic Intelligence© products will enable you to inspire yourself in mere moments, and redraw the boundaries of your images and work. We have always had a passion for improving workflows and saving time for artists cut from all kinds of cloth, and our AI products seek to do just that. Whether you're seeking inspiration, need a quick(er) fix for technical problems, or simply want to try something different with your art, you're in the right place!

What is Gigapixel AI?

Topaz Gigapixel AI is the first AI standalone application for superior Image upsampling, made for batch resizing your images up to 6x! It uses the power of Topaz's proprietary Artistic Intelligence engine to make sharper and clearer upscaled images more than traditional upscaling tools. Because Gigapixel AI models calculates over a million calculations per pixel, this software is standalone only(it does not work as a plugin or studio adjustment) that inherently takes a long time to process your image, but the quality of the end result far surpasses our competitors.

What does Gigapixel AI Do?

Traditional up-scale methods use "interpolation" (bi-cubic, Lanczos, fractal, etc.) to create higher resolution images, but exhibit limitations such as loss of detail and sharpness, which causes very pixelated and 'blurry' upsampled images. Gigapixel AI, however analyzes the image and recognizes details and structures and 'completes' the image with AI Models that we have trained in our lab. Our AI Models are trained with thousands of images with different resolutions to learn how to distinguish poorly upsampled images from high quality upsampled images. During this training period, our models not only learn to distinguish quality but also learn to recognize certain structures within the image. This information is committed to 'memory' and used later as a reference to complete and achieve high quality upsampled images.


Get Started with Gigapixel AI Today!

Gigapixel AI should be used at the end of your photo editing workflow to finish an image that has been edited in Topaz Studio, Photoshop or other tools. This would minimize the amount of work needed to fine-tune the image post upsampling. Carefully read the step-by-step instructions below, on how to get started using Gigapixel AI!

  1. First, make sure you have a Topaz Labs Account.
  2. Gigapixel AI has different hardware requirements compared to other Topaz Labs products, please make sure you meet the our requirements before downloading.
  3. Download Gigapixel AI from the Topaz Labs Downloads Page.
  4. Double Click on the installer to begin your installation and follow the prompt till you have successfully downloaded Gigapixel AI.
  5. Enter your login information on the login prompt
  6. Next, you will be prompted to either 'Buy," "Start Trial," or "Exit." Click on "Start Trial" to begin your 30 day trial or click on "Buy" to purchase from the store.
  7. Finally, drag and drop the image on the screen or click anywhere on the interface to open an image in Gigapixel AI and to view you upsampling option.
    • Note: you can drag and drop multiple images or select an entire folder just select 'File' → 'Open'
  8. Scale or Size
    • Note: Enhance Image option is only used for either extremely noisy or extremely low quality images
  9. Choose Output Format:
    • Convert Raw files only: Will only apply the file format setting to RAW files because Gigapixel AI cannot output a RAW file. The rest of the images in the image queue will retain their original format.
    • Convert all file to format: Will convert all of your images in the image queue to the file format you have selected.
  10. Press start to begin the upsampling process
 After processing has started, you can add more images to the list!
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