JPEG to RAW AI: File Output Support

About File Outputs

The Topaz JPEG to RAW AI product is built to output files in either DNG or TIFF. File formats really matter, so we'll take the time here to explain how everything works and what type of file you can expect to result from processing in JPEG to RAW AI.

RAW Output (DNG)

The ability to save DNG files from JPEG is one of the primary features of JPEG to RAW AI, and it's important to know exactly what kind of DNG file will be produced! When you process your image through this software, you'll find that we do not provide options for the kind of DNG you end up with. DNG is an abbreviation that stands for "Digital Negative", and is a patented, open lossless raw image format that was created by Adobe way back in 2004. We leverage the DNG format to provide all the benefits of JPEG to RAW AI, more specifically, Linear DNG. The Linear DNG format is scene-referred which means that it will show the colors directly in the image, rather than how your display chooses to show them. A scene-referred image is an image where the image data is an encoding of the colors of a scene (relative to each other), as opposed to a picture of a scene. In a picture, the colors are typically altered to make them more pleasing to viewers when viewed using some target medium. Linear DNG will look washed out, due to this! Please, understand that Linear DNG conversion is meant to provide more control over your image editing, rather than make the image more pleasing!

Linear DNG Support

Application Supported?
Affinity Photo v1.6.5.135 Supported
Photoshop CC Supported
Lightroom Classic CC Supported
Luminar 2018 Supported
Luminar 3 Supported
ON1 Photo Raw 2019 Supported
Photolemur 3 Supported
Proshow Gold v 7.0.3527 Supported
Qimage v2019.1 Supported
Corel AfterShot 3 TIFF Only
Corel Paint Shop Pro 2019 TIFF Only
DxO 2.1 TIFF Only
Dynamic Photo HDR v6.1 TIFF Only
Fast Raw Viewer v6.8 TIFF Only
Irfanview v4.5.2 TIFF Only
Mylio v3.3 TIFF Only
Corel Painter No 16bit Support
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