Free Upgrade to Sharpen AI for InFocus Owners

InFocus Owners: Upgrading to Sharpen AI for Free

Yes, free. If you own our Classic Plug-in InFocus, we've added a coupon to your account that you can use whenever you're ready to install Sharpen AI. 


Using Your Coupon:

1) Go to our Sharpen AI Product Page

2) Click "Buy Now" to add the product to your cart

3) Click the cart in the top right hand corner of the screen

4) On the  page, there will be a coupon at the bottom:


5) Click on the coupon to add it and Proceed to Checkout


I own InFocus, but there is no coupon showing up!

Make sure you've added Sharpen AI to your cart. The coupon is not activated until it sees Sharpen AI in your cart. If you haven't yet, you can add it to your cart by going to our Sharpen AI Product Page and clicking add to cart.

If you've added it to your cart and the coupon still isn't showing up, InFocus was most likely purchased using a different email than you use for your Topaz Labs login. All of your purchases are registered to the email address you use in your billing address, since that is the email that is authenticated during your transaction. 

If you think this might be the case, or just need some help, submit a support request and we'll be happy to assist.

Upgrading from a trial

If you've downloaded a trial of Sharpen AI and would like to upgrade to the full, purchased addition for free, just go to the Sharpen AI Product Page, add the product to your cart, and check-out. Once you've reached the check-out screen, you should see your coupon at the very bottom of the screen (see above). 

Not seeing the coupon? Try the steps above under "I own InFocus, but there's no coupon showing up!"

Once you've ordered your free copy of Sharpen AI, just open up the application you currently have installed and click Help>Update Product Ownership. If it still says you're in trial mode, click Community>Switch Users and log back in.

I own InFocus but I paid for Sharpen AI, how do I get a refund?

Easy, just submit a refund request and we'll be happy to refund your payment. To expedite your refund, please include your:

  • Order number
  • Additional email address
  • Date of purchase












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