Troubleshooting: Gigapixel AI is Running Slow

Improving Gigapixel AI Processing Speed

Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence processing models are capable of producing incredible results, even if you don't have a state-of-the-art computer. However, these models demand a lot from your system, especially your graphics card (GPU). Check our Gigapixel AI system requirements to find out if your card is capable of running Gigapixel AI.

While we can not make your GPU process faster, we do have some recommendations for speeding up your Gigapixel AI workflow.

1. Make sure you are running in GPU mode, first

Generally, your graphics card will always process faster than your central processor (CPU). CPU mode is available as an option for users whose graphics cards do not meet minimum requirements. 



2. Make sure all other applications are completely closed.

Every application open on your computer is competing for resources on your system. The more applications you have open, the higher the demand is on your CPU and graphics card. While Gigapixel AI is available as a plug-in for other host editors, such as Photoshop and Lightroom, we recommend using the application as a standalone without your host editor open.

Mac Only : Some applications such as Photoshop will remain open even if you click the X button to close the GUI window. If you can still see Photoshop when you do CMD+TAB to switch applications, then Photoshop is still open. You can completely exit out of an application on the Mac using CMD + Q.

3. Use the highest Zoom setting

The more zoomed in you are, the smaller the preview image is, which means fewer pixels need to be calculated per preview update.



4. Roll back to the previous version of Gigapixel AI

If you are still having trouble using Gigapixel AI, rolling back to the previous version of Gigapixel AI may be the best option until your operating environment is suitable for the application.

You can download and install the previous version of Gigapixel AI for Mac and Windows using the following links:

Previous Version Installer Mac

Previous Version Installer Windows


5. Consider Upgrading your Hardware

Gigapixel AI is a very demanding application. To improve your performance you should consider

- Purchasing a more optimal graphics card

- installing more system RAM

- Using a desktop computer if possible


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