How to Install Gigapixel AI on a Mac

Go to our Download Page


You can click the button labelled AI Gigapixel to automatically scroll down the Gigapixel downloads section.



Click the button for your operating system to download the installer that you need.


Look for the installer in your Downloads folder.


Double click the .dmg file to open the disk image that holds your installer.


Double click the gray hard drive icon to run the installer.


If you see a dialog warning you that the installer is an app that has been downloaded from the internet, hit the "Open" button to keep running the installer. It is MacOS warning you that this app has not been downloaded from their app store.


If it warns you that the installer has detected a previous version of Gigapixel, it is letting you know that it has to uninstall the previous version before it can install the current version.

Click the OK button to keep going.


The next page is just letting you know again that it is going to uninstall the previous version of Gigapixel, click the continue button.


The next page is letting you know again that it is uninstalling the current version of Gigapixel, click the "Uninstall" button.


It will let you know that it's finished uninstalling. Click the OK button.


Accept the license agreement.


Click the "Install" button


Enter your password if it asks you to.


The program will start installing.


When it's done click the "Done" button and your Gigapixel AI installation will launch.

Enjoy your software!


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