My Adjust AI or Studio 1 Installer Doesn't Work on Windows

Many different things can cause an installer not to work.

These two products use an older installer model, all other products have been upgraded to use a new installer framework so you should not need this guide.


For best results run your installer like this.

1. Reboot your machine (to clear dead RAM caused by memory leaks)

2. Make sure no other applications are running (especially not Photoshop, LightRoom, or other Topaz applications such as Topaz Studio)

2. Disable your Firewall

3. Disable your AntiVirus.

Reported by users to cause issues:

- McAfee

- BitDefender

- Panda

- Avast

If your antivirus is causing issues for you, please let us know so we can add it our list)

4. Disable anti-call home applications such as Little Snitch. Our installer is making a web request to our online repository and needs to call home to get the contents to install on your computer.

5. Run the installer as admin (Cntrl Click -> open for Mac, Right Click -> Run as Admin for Windows)


If you still have issues please feel free to open a support ticket with us. Please include screenshots to help us help you faster.


Fixed by running the installer again as Admin (Program Files folder required Admin permissions)



Fixed by rebooting and running the installer again. (System did not have enough RAM)



Fixed by closing Photoshop and running the installer again.



Fixed by rebooting (System was out of RAM)



Fixed by Changing Permissions on Mac



This error is very rare, however, users will sometimes see this error if they try to install or update at exactly the same time we are uploading new content to our servers. If you see this error please wait approximately 15 minutes and try running your update or installer again.






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