DeNoise AI Frequently Asked Questions


What is DeNoise AI?

DeNoise AI uses machine-learning to remove noise from your image while preserving detail for a crisp, clear result. Whether you are shooting with High ISO or in a low light scenario, DeNoise will correct your image without removing any important information or patterns in your image. DeNoise can be launched as a standalone application or as a plugin.

What should I use it for?

Noise is most commonly found in images that use a high ISO or are taken in low-light conditions. However, noise can also be found in all sorts of image conditions, so a great noise removal application is an essential tool to have in every photographer's toolbox.

What File Types are supported by Denoise AI? 

Supported files types:

  • .png
  • .tiff
  • .jpeg

What Color Profiles are supported by Denoise AI? 

DeNoise AI supports all major RBG color profiles. It does not support CMYK at this time.

How to use the sliders in DeNoise AI?

Noise Level determines exactly how much noise DeNoise AI should try to remove from the image. 

Enhance Sharpness will sharpen the details in your image. Removing noise can sometimes soften the details in images, this allows you to retain that sharpness after processing your image.

Restore Detail allows you to refine detail to the image to achieve a more realistic look if it appears that DeNoise AI has over-corrected the image. 

When should I use DeNoise AI in my workflow?

For the best results, you should use DeNoise AI at the very beginning of your editing process. We've found removing noise as a first step is not only beneficial for the workflow that comes after, but also because removing noise after most of the editing process is completed may deliver unexpected results as it tries to process the various edits adjustments in your image.

Is DeNoise AI a plugin or standalone only. 

DeNoise AI can be used as both a plugin and a standalone.

Does DeNoise AI support Batch Processing?

DeNoise AI does not have batch processing at this time however it is a feature we are considering adding in the new year.

How do I access DeNoise AI through Lightroom?

DeNoise AI can be used through Lightroom, you just need to set up DeNoise AI as an external editor. Follow the directions below::

-Preferences → External Editing

-In the Additional External Editor section, under preset please select choose and search for DeNoise AI. Once you have the DeNoise AI application selected (make sure it is the actual icon and not the entire DeNoise AI folder).

-Next, click on the preset drop-down menu and select “save current settings as a new preset” and enter the name DeNoise AI.

-Now that you have DeNoise AI set up as an external editor, go back to the image you want to edit. In the menu bar click on "Photo" → “Edit in” → "DeNoise AI” → “Edit a Copy”


-To save back to Lightroom you will have to click on the "Apply" button.

-To save back to your computer click on "File → Save As" and pick the Path you want the image to go.

Why does it take so long for DeNoise AI to process?

DeNoise AI uses resource-intensive AI technology that inherently takes a long time to analyze and correct each image you process through the application. 

How do I avoid so many recalculations of the preview image?

We have included a tool that allows you to choose when your preview image is processed. Select "No" for the option "Automatically Update Preview." After this, just click the "Update Preview" button to re-process the image.

What is the difference between DeNoise AI and AI Clear? 

DeNoise AI is much more powerful than AI Clear at reducing noise and includes completely new processing models. These processing models are better trained for noise removal and retaining image detail. AI Clear is only accessible as a Studio adjustment, whereas DeNoise AI can be accessed as a standalone or a plug-in for your host editor.

How do I start a trial?

First, if you are new to Topaz Labs, create an account on the Topaz Labs My Account Page. Next, simply download DeNoise AI from the Topaz Labs Downloads Page, login using your account information, and select "Start Trial" to begin your free 30-day trial.

How do I purchase download and activate DeNoise AI?

To officially own DeNoise AI without any trial restrictions, you simply need to purchase DeNoise AI from the Topaz Labs Web Store and the next time you launch DeNoise AI you will have ownership. You can also select "update product ownership" from the help drop-down menu as well. 

If you are still having trouble with activation, go to Community -> Switch User and log back in as yourself, making sure you use the same email that you used to purchase DeNoise AI.


I am getting some astounding images out of some photos while others seem to have varied little. Same camera, same time, same lens, similar images.

Since this is an AI product, there is no way for us to predict which images will have the best results. The results will depend on the contents of the image, ie. what is in the actual pixels, and is not related to your camera make, model, etc.


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