Free Upgrade to DeNoise AI for DeNoise and AI Clear Owners

DeNoise and AI Clear Owners: Upgrading to DeNoise AI for Free


DeNoise AI Mac Installer

DeNoise AI Windows Installer

Yes, free. If you own our Classic Plug-in DeNoise or our Studio Pro Adjustment AI Clear, we have given you access to DeNoise AI. All that you have to do is download and install DeNoise AI, login, and it's all yours! 

I own DeNoise and/or AI Clear, but it says I can only purchase it or start a trial.

Make sure that you are logging with the email address that you used to purchase DeNoise or AI Clear with. This is the email address that DeNoise AI will be registered to so if another username or email address is used, your copy of DeNoise AI will start in trial mode. 

If you're logging in with the correct email address and it still wants you to start a trial, click "Start Trial" then Help>Update Product Ownership.

If you think that your copy of DeNoise or AI Clear may be registered to a different email address, submit a support request with your email address, DeNoise or AI Clear order number, and other email addresses that our team can look up and we will be happy to sort it all out!

Upgrading from a trial

If you've downloaded a trial of DeNoise AI and would like to upgrade to the full, purchased addition for free, just open DeNoise AI and click Help>Update Product Ownership. If it still says you're in trial mode, click Community>Switch Users and log back in.

I own DeNoise and/or AI Clear but I paid for DeNoise AI, how do I get a refund?

Easy, just submit a refund request and we'll be happy to refund your payment. To expedite your refund, please include your:

  • Order number for DeNoise AI
  • Additional email addresses
  • Date of purchase












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