How to Install Sharpen AI on Mac



1. Go to and scroll down until you see the section for Sharpen AI. Click the button labelled MAC to download the Mac installer.



2. If a dialog comes up asking you if you would like to save, select "Save File"



3. Go to your Downloads folder and double click the .dmg file you just downloaded



4. Double the icon that looks like a Hard Drive with an arrow pointing to it. That will launch your installer.



5. If a dialog asks you if you are sure you want to open this app, select Open. MacOS is doing that because you didn't download this installer from their app store.



6. If you already have Sharpen AI installed, a dialog will come up letting you know that it is going to remove what you already have so it can put the new version on your computer. (skip to step 11 if you don't see this)



7. Click the Continue button (skip to step 11 if you don't see this)



8. Click the Uninstall button (skip to step 11 if you don't see this)



9. Click the Done button (skip to step 11 if you don't see this)



10. Click the OK button (skip to step 11 if you don't see this)



11. Click "I accept the license" and then click the "Continue" button



12. Click the Install button



13. Watch the progress bar while it installs to make sure no errors come up. If any errors come up, you can troubleshoot with My Installer Doesn't Work. Most likely you just need to reboot your computer.



14. Click the done button.



15. Play with software for fun and for profit!






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