My Application is Stuck in Full Screen Mode on Mac

If you used to be able to launch your application, but now every time you launch it, it shows that the application is open, and you see the application menu, but no other menus, you are having this issue.

1. Open a Finder window

2. Hit CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To panel

3. Enter the path ~/Library/Preferences/ into the input field


You should see a large number of .plist files in that location


4. To find the Preferences file you need, search for the name of the Topaz Labs application you want in the search field. Make sure you are searching the Preferences folder you are currently inside. The preferences file will be named something like this: A.I. Gigapixel.plist


4. Once you have found your plist file. CNTRL + Click or right click and select Move to Trash to delete it. You will probably have two .plist files. If after you delete it it is still showing in the Finder window that is okay. If you right -> Get Info you will be able to see the file path and verify that it is in fact in the trash.


5. Empty the trash

6. Restart the machine using Apple Menu -> Restart


7. Rerun the application

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