Skylum Luminar: Using Your Topaz Labs Plug-ins

Note: Skylum Luminar on Windows does not support external plug-ins. They can only be used when running Luminar on a Mac.


Using your Topaz Labs plug-ins with Skylum's Luminar is easy. You can find them by opening an image in Luminar, then navigating to 'Edit>Plugins'. Some of your plug-ins may already show up here, but if you don't see them, check under the 'Other' menu.

If you do not see your plug-in under the 'Other' menu, here's how to add it.

Under the same 'Edit>Plugins>Other' menu, select 'Open Plugin...'.

Select the folder for the application from the 'Applications' folder, then click 'Open'


You may need to close and re-open Luminar before your plug-in appears in the 'Plugins' menu. 


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