Adjust AI Frequently Asked Questions


Adjust AI Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Adjust AI?

Adjust AI leverages machine learning to analyze and transform ordinary photos into lively, vivacious images that would normally require time-consuming, manual adjustments. Adjust AI is the fastest way to achieve ultimate clarity, detail, contrast, and an eye-catching aesthetic with minimal user input.

2) What should I use it for?

Want to quickly fine-tune your image? Adjust AI includes cutting-edge enhancements to give you the ingredients you need to make your photos pop! This combination of technology only exists here.


Topaz Clarity is the modern version of the Contrast slider, with better technology and better results. Topaz Clarity intelligently enhances contrast and clarity using proprietary technology that eliminates the common problems of artifacts and halos.  With Clarity, you can quickly manipulate your macro, midrange, and overall contrast without halos or noise, all while maintaining a natural feeling and tonality in your image.


Topaz Detail takes a fundamentally different approach to detail enhancement. Instead of haphazardly increasing edge contrast, Topaz Precision Detail carefully figures out which parts of your image are “detail” and which are not. Topaz Detail then lets you independently adjust small, medium, and large amounts of detail inside the shadows and highlights of your image. The boost controls are used to refine the smaller (or weaker) small, medium and large details and are relative to the settings of their corresponding detail sliders. The higher the setting of the detail slider is the more intense the effects of the boost slider will be. You will generally see more details (in number) affected when you adjust the boost sliders. 

Occasionally you may notice that in the process of enhancing detail your image may appear slightly grainy or noisy. This occurs because the smallest details present in your image are being enhanced and begin to stand out more. To counteract this, simply lower the Small Boost slider and it will remove the noise-like details and smooth out your image in a pleasant way. You can easily add the appearance of depth to your image by increasing the Large Detail slider; this can also intensify shadow areas.


3) What File Types are supported by Adjust AI? 

Supported files types:

  • .png
  • .tiff
  • .jpeg

4) What Color Profiles are supported by Adjust AI? 

Adjust AI supports all major RBG color profiles. It does not support CMYK at this time.

5) What about RAW File Types?

Adjust AI supports many different kinds of RAW file types, such as DNG (digital negative), and camera specific files, such CR, ARW, and ORF files. However, many of these files contain data that Adjust AI may not know how to read yet. If you experience any issues with using your RAW files, please submit a support request to our Support team with the image included. We use these files to improve RAW support for future versions.

6) When should I use Adjust AI in my workflow?

To achieve the best results with Adjust AI, Topaz Labs recommends the following workflow:
  1. Import photo. Use JPEG to RAW AI to restore RAW editing capabilities if needed.
  2. Apply noise reduction with DeNoise AI.
  3. Make any composition, cropping, or straightening adjustments desired in Topaz Studio.
  4. Apply Adjust AI and make any further tweaks.

7) Is Adjust AI a plugin or standalone only. 

Adjust AI can be used as both a plugin and a standalone.

8) How do I use Adjust AI as a plugin with my Host Editor?

See our Host Editor Guides section

9) Why does it take so long for Adjust AI to process?

Adjust AI uses resource intensive AI technology that inherently takes a long time to analyze and correct each image you process through the application. This technology makes multiple calculations for each pixel to intelligently modify the data in your image. This adds up to hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of calculations that must be performed. That's a big tax on your computer system, so be patient! 

10) How do I start a trial?

First, if you are new to Topaz Labs, you'll need to create an account on the Topaz Labs My Account Page. Then, just download Adjust AI from the our Topaz Labs Download Page, login using your account information, and select "Start Trial" to begin your free 30-day trial.

11) How do I purchase download and activate Adjust AI?

To officially own Adjust AI without any trial restrictions, you simply need to purchase Adjust AI from the Topaz Labs Web Store and the next time you launch Adjust AI you will have ownership. You can also select "update product ownership" from the help drop down menu as well. 


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