Adjust AI Changelog

v 1.0.5
August 2, 2019


  • Fix crash on export for TIFF files caused by a metadata issue
  • Fixed issue preventing tiff files from opening on windows machines

v 1.0.4
July 17, 2019


  • Fix output with grid artifacts

v 1.0.3
June 26, 2019

New Feature:

  • The initial right panel selected is now determined by a preference, instead of being the last open panel.


  • On image open, default zoom is now fit until 100%. It never will default past 100%.


  • Fixed issue where AI output would be corrupted when app opens in preset mode first.
  • Fixed issue where an empty string could be entered for custom preset name.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the open button while an image is open would close the presets.

v 1.0.1
June 19, 2019
Adjust AI Initial Release

For more information on Adjust AI please refer to our Adjust AI FAQ Page here.

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