What's In Topaz Studio 2?

If you're familiar with the Classic Topaz Studio, it's everything you loved about Studio with an improved workflow and some great new features. Below is a brief overview of the Filters (previously called Adjustments) that come with the re-imagined Topaz Studio 2.


AI Clear removes the need for complex tools and time-consuming steps, allowing you to instantly remove noise.

Basic Adjustment is anything but basic. It allows you to edit exposure and enhance image tones without losing detail.

Brightness Contrast allows you to correct brightness, contrast, and saturation with this simple utility.

Black and White take your color images and turns them into dynamic and dramatic black and whites.

Curves adjust tones to brighten, darken, add contrast, and to shift colors in images.

Dehaze lets you expertly invert the effects of fog, haze, light pollution, and smoke to yield clearer images.

HSL Color Tuning creates high range and natural color transition manipulations.

Precision Contrast naturally enhances contrast without blowing out highlights or crushing shadows.

Precision Detail lends tack sharp image enhancement sharpening without halos or artifacts.

Reduce Noise easily reduce noise in your image.

Sharpen enhances image details without the introduction of image noise.


Bloom selectively intensifies lighting in images.

Blur reduces detail and smooths images.

Channel Mixer helps you take complete control of your color balance to create synergy or create surreal color effects.

Color Overlay adds simple color filters to change the overall tone and mood.

Color Theme can transform the mood of your image by selectively boosting color saturation and harmonizing color palettes.

Dual Tone allows you to selectively change highlight and shadow colors.

Edge Exposure creates subtle edits along the edges of images.

Film Grain adds a traditional surface texture to any image.

Focal Blur adds a mystical and dreamlike quality to images.

Motion Blurs can add momentum and energy to photos with five dynamic blur options.

Quad Tone helps you take greater control over white, highlight, shadows, and black tones.

Text makes it easy for you to add text or even sign your work.

Vignette helps you create delicate, robust, and sophisticated looks using this flexible tool.


Abstraction creates graphic art, cartoon effects, and more.

AI ReMix was our first AI product. The purpose of ReMix is to invigorate the creative forces of the user, to quickly and suddenly change the direction a piece of art is headed. Don't like the color palette or the overall style of your image? Apply AI ReMix, and the possibilities will start opening up again. AI ReMix will quickly match shadows, highlights, and various feature sizes in your image with the data contained in our models (each thumbnail is a different model!), and transfer the style in our model to your image. This will result in a number of different possible effects, some subtle, others out of this world. A single-pass can be enough to transform your image beyond your wildest imagination, but a bit of careful blending can also yield the exact results you were hoping for, to achieve your vision.

Digital Frame allows you to add a frame to your image digitally. Add a nice polish to your image without even going to the printer.

Edges accentuates edges and lines to create a graphic tracing effect.

Flare contains the features previously available in Classic Star Effects. Add star-burst rings, circles or polygons.

Glow creates subtle ethereal light or striking neon effects with ease.

Impression helps you create authentic digital paintings, sketches, and watercolors using intelligent drawing technology.

Radiance illuminates the contours of images to reveal the hidden life in each moment captured

Smudge easily creates smooth edges and fluid linear paths using an advanced technological algorithm.

Texture will add depth and surface character to any image by adding light leaks, textures, dust, scratches, and more.

Other Features:

Healing and Recover: The Healing Brush looks outside the brushwork, analyzes the shapes there and interprets them into the retouching along with colors and values – with varying degrees of success based upon the data in the surrounding areas. The Recover button reverses the changes made. 

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