Migrating Presets from Classic Studio to Studio 2

You created presets in Classic Studio and you loved them. You want to keep them but you also want all the cool features in Studio 2. No problem! We've made a handy little tool for you!

1. Open Studio 2

2. Go to the Help drop down menu and choose "Migrate Custom TS1 Presets"


3. Choose whether you want to migrate the custom presets you created, presets you did not create but have marked as a Favorite, or both


 4. Done! You will be able to find these presets now under your "My Looks"


Missing Presets?

Please submit a support ticket with your database attached. Below are instructions to find it.


  1. Open a File Explorer window
  2. Enter the following in your navigation bar:
    C:\Users\adamd\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio\QML\OfflineStorage\Databases
  3. Select the SQLITE File



  1. Find your database:
    1. Open a finder window and choose Macintosh HD
    2. Users -> (Your User Account) ->Library -> Application Support -> Topaz Labs -> Topaz Studio -> tgrc

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