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About Our Company

Topaz Labs is a privately owned company with offices in Addison, TX. We use the most advanced developments in visual processing technology to create powerful software products for photographers and digital artists alike.

We strive to make the finest photo editing experience you can find. We believe the best products are capable to get out of the way, allow a user to focus on their task at hand, and complete their task painlessly. It’s a marriage of technology, usability and overall experience that allows it all to work. To achieve that at Topaz Labs, we work continuously to improve every aspect of our business, from our customer service to our website to our products to the technology that power them. We firmly believe that the only way to create great products is to learn and constantly improve upon them, and so we release many updates that enhance the functionality and usability of the software.

About Our Software

To summarize, we train an Artificial Neural Network with millions of blur-sharp image pairs. The neural network will eventually “remember” what the sharp image should look like if it sees a blurry image. After months of training, we then upload a blurry image to the neural network and ask it to sharpen it. The network will recall what it has learned from all the image pairs it trained with and will attempt to apply the same changes to the new blurry image that it saw in previous sharp images. Click here to find out more about our AI technology.

No, only our AI lineup of apps use artificial intelligence technology.

Due to the intense number of calculations used by artificial intelligence algorithms, we do have minimum system requirements for all of our apps. You can find them right through this link.

The AI apps require a notable amount of processing power, which mobile devices including iPads simply cannot output at this time.

We have a sizable help center with dozens of articles that cover the majority of questions and concerns you might have with Topaz Labs software. If your problem lies outside of the scope of the knowledge base, you can always contact our support team and we’ll provide further assistance.

Our YouTube page hosts a wide variety of videos covering all our software. There are also several tutorials made by our affiliates that you can find around YouTube.

You can find text guides on our official blog. We post tutorials quite frequently, and you can browse the archives for older tutorials.


The software license for each of our apps is good for up to two different computers.

License keys are only used with our legacy plug-ins. For newer applications, like our AI lineup and Topaz Studio 2, we instead have an account-based authorization system. Simply log into your account when first starting up one of the apps and your credentials will be verified automatically!

Upgrades are free for any app for one year after purchase. Click here to learn more about our upgrade policy.

About Our Community

We have a page for our affiliate program that details everything it offers and the sign-up process. Click here to visit it.

You can sign up for the Beta testing program online on our community forum. Once you create an account: Go to Settings then Permission Groups, select the Beta group and enter your system info there to apply. Once approved, you will see a new Beta testing forum when you log in. Because we maintain a limited number of beta testers, we may temporarily stop accepting requests at times.

Contact our support team explaining the details of your event/convention and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Send proof of your academic enrollment or formal teaching position to our support team and we'll send you a coupon.

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