Gigapixel Crashes at 1% (Windows only)

If your Gigapixel is crashing at 1% it may be because there are special characters in your filename. 

We have not yet updated all of libraries to support international character sets. 

You have two options to get your Gigapixel back up and running. 

1. Rename your user account to have no special characters in it. 

How to Rename Microsoft or Local Account in Windows 10

2 Ways to Rename Administrator Account in Windows 8/8.1 

Change Your User Name On Windows 7 [How-To]

2. Create a new user with no special characters in the username and run Gigapixel only from that username

This is kind of a pain because you are going to have a new account that you will use just to run Gigapixel for until we get out a fix for this, so you are probably better off going with option 1.  But just in case you prefer this method, here are links to the instructions for how to do that. 

Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10

Create a user account in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7



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