How to Create an Admin User on the Mac

1. Hold down CMD + SPACE to open your spotlight search


2. Type in System Preferences to search for your System Preferences app


and select it when it comes up in your search

3. You should see a page that looks something like this when your System Preferences app has opened. If you do not see this page you may need to click the back button in the top left of the app panel until you get back to the home page of the System Preferences app, and then click on Users & Groups. 


4. You will see a page that looks something like this, 


Click the lock in the bottom left of the panel to start making changes, 

and enter your password when prompted, 



4. Hit the button labelled with a Plus Sign a little bit above the lock in the bottom left and you should be shown a panel like this 


5. Select the top dropdown menu and change the selection from "Standard" to "Administrator"


6. Fill in the rest of the panel with the Account Name, password, and password hint of your choosing and then select the "Create User" Button in the bottom right of the panel, 


You have created a new admin user. If you are having an issue installing as a non admin user for a Topaz product, logout and login again as that admin user and try running your installer again, 



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