Troubleshooting DeNoise AI being greyed out in Studio 2



When upgrading to version 2.0 of DeNoise AI, you may encounter an issue where DeNoise AI is unable to be launched from within Studio 2. This is caused by a conflicting plug-in file. For Windows users, this can be resolved by following these steps:

1. Open an Explorer Window using Windows key + E

2. Navigate to the DeNoise AI plugin directory

(Default path is C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins_x64)



If you don't have this folder, you will need to reinstall and make sure that External Editor Support is checked. 


3. Open Studio 2 to confirm that the problem has gone away




1. Open a Finder window

2. Hold down CMD + SHIFT + G to bring up the go to panel.

3. Paste the path: /Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz DeNoise AI and hit the Go button


4. Open another Finder window using CMD + N

5. Hold down CMD + SHIFT + G to bring up the Go To panel

6. Paste the path: /Applications and hit the Go button


7. You should now have two Finder windows open, one showing the DeNoise AI folder, and one showing the Applications folder. 


In the Applications folder (your 2nd Finder window) hold down CMD + SHIFT + N to make a new folder.

Name the new folder: Topaz DeNoise AI



8. Double click the Topaz DeNoise AI folder to go inside it. Your two Finder windows should now look like this:


9. Holding down the alt key select the Topaz DeNoise AI app bundle from the first Finder window and drag and drop it onto the second Finder window to make a copy.



There should be two copies of the app bundle. 

You are basically copying DeNoise into the old location so Studio 2 can find it. This is just a temporary workaround until Topaz Labs can deploy the fix for this issue at which time you will be able to delete the copy. 

When running Studio 2 again you will see in the Filters menu that DeNoise AI is not longer greyed out.



We understand that this may be very frustrating and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.


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