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What is Video Enhance AI?

Using the power of machine-learning AI technology, Video Enhance AI is trained on thousands of videos and it combines information from multiple input video frames. It can enlarge your video up to 8k resolution with true details and motion consistency. For example, you can upscale SD video to HD or even 4K resolution.

What is the minimum hardware requirement for Video Enhance AI?

We suggest you run Video Enhance AI for Video on high-end Nvidia graphic cards. The minimum requirement is GTX 1050Ti with 4 GB VRAM. Any graphic card later/better than GTX 1080 (included) will do a fairly fast job.

If you do not have an Nvidia graphics card in your device, the software can run on your Intel iGPU. Typically, it will be 5 times slower. If you do not have an Intel iGPU, the software will finally fall back to your CPU, which can be 10 times slower than the Nvidia GPU version.

Can Video Enhance AI work on Macs?

Currently, Video Enhance AI is for Windows but a Mac version will be made available in the future!

One thing to note, the Mac version may run a little bit slower since Macs typically don't have Nvidia GPUs. Video Enhance AI will run on iGPU/CPU. Therefore, causing it to run a tad slower than the Windows version.

Can I do batch processing on several videos?

Sure you can! You can load in several videos simultaneously into Video Enhance AI. All of them can be assigned with different settings including output size, upsample scale, output format, model utilized and etc. Then with a single click on the process button, they will all be processed in sequence.

My machine cannot meet the minimum requirement. Is there a way that I can use this product?
We have a cloud service that can help you to upscale your videos online. Please check for more details!

How long will it take to process a video?

We tested mainly on Nvidia GTX 1080. For a video from HD to 8K, it typically takes 4-5 seconds for each frame. If you upscale a video from SD to HD, it will take about 0.5 seconds for each frame.

What is the maximum size of an output video I can get?

Now we support up to 8K video output. Any size larger than 8K will cause a failure. But you can set the output format as a sequence of images (png/tif/tiff) which can support nearly any size.

Can I process interlaced Video?

Not directly. If your video is interlaced, please deinterlace it first before using Video Enhance AI to upscaling it. We are working on a deinterlacer AI at this moment, stay tuned.

My machine has more than one Nvidia GPU, can I use all of them?

Yes and No. The program itself only uses one GPU. However, you can open multiple windows and assign different Nvidia GPUs in the settings. Then different procedures will take different GPUs to do the processing.

Can I read in a sequence of images as input?

Yes. You can put a sequence of images of the same name format into one folder then load in any one of the images into Video Enhance AI. Please make sure that the name of the images should end with several sequential number digits. An example: MyFrames000000.png, MyFrames000001.png, MyFrames000002.png, ...

My GPU utilization seems low in the task manager. Is there something wrong?

In fact, it is normal. The GPU utilization in task manager is not precise. If you want to track the actual GPU usage, please try Nvidia-smi. And meanwhile, we are tweaking the engine to utilize your GPUs in a more efficient way as well.

Where did my audio go?

Video Enhance AI only outputs the video stream and it strips out the audio information. You can re-add your audio in post-production. We are working on this and the audio will be in later versions.

Can I try Video Enhance AI before buying it?

First, if you are new to Topaz Labs, create an account on the Topaz Labs My Account Page. Next, simply download Video Enhance AI from the Topaz Labs Downloads Page, log in using your account information, and select "Start Trial" to begin your free 30-day trial.


Can I assume the Mac and Windows versions deliver identical results?

No. This is a different computer science problem to solve, but we do our best to make the results nearly identical. Whenever possible. If you do notice any aberrations between operating systems please Open a Ticket at the Help Center.


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