DeNoise AI Not Saving My Image After Clicking Save


This article only applies to DeNoise AI launched as a standalone.

If you click the Save Button at the bottom right

1. It starts processing and crashes


2. It starts processing but then never saves out an image


When you click the save button it should show you a Save Image As dialog as shown below.


If it does not show you this save file dialog, then you have launched DeNoise AI in plugin mode. 

If you are trying to run DeNoise AI as a plugin and you cannot save, you can also do this to get your image to save to disk correctly.


Please try this workaround, it is possible that your DeNoise AI is being launched as a plugin instead of as a standalone program. 

Many users like to open their images doing right click -> Open With -> DeNoise AI like so:


However, this can cause DeNoise AI to launch as a plugin instead of as a standalone, causing this error. 

Your image is not saving correctly because DeNoise is erroneously trying to save an image back to Photoshop when it should be asking you where on you want to save your new processed image. 

Instead please launch DeNoise first, and then open your image. 

Here is one suggested way to open DeNoise AI

1. Press CMD + SPACE to pull up the SpotLight Search


2. Type in Topaz DeNoise AI and select it when it comes up in the search to launch it


3. Click the open button in the center of the app to open a file dialog and select your image(s)


4. Click the Save button and a Save Image As Dialog should come up. If this dialog does not come up, your program is not in standalone mode and you should start over. 



5. Go ahead and select what settings you want for your saved image and click the save button.

6. Go find your saved image on your computer the confirm that the fix worked.

If this does not work for you please contact Topaz Labs Tech Support


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