Crashing in DeNoise AI on Windows

1. Hardware

If you are experiencing crashing on DeNoise AI the first thing you should do is to check your hardware to see if you meet the minimum hardware requirements.

DeNoise AI System Requirements

After that, you should check to make sure that you have an updated graphics card driver. Outdated graphics card drivers can cause crashing in DeNoise AI. 


2. Graphics Card Driver 

If you have an NVidia graphics card you should do it the way shown in this short YouTube video. 

If you do not do it exactly this way, it may not work. 

How to Update Your NVidia Graphics Card Driver for Windows

Videos coming soon for other graphics cards


3. Image Metadata

Check to see if the program crashes for all images. Try downloading an image from the internet you have never used and processing that image to see if it still crashes. 

There are several possible reasons for this: 

1. Corrupted Image: 1 particular image may just be corrupted in some way. You can fix this by opening it in another editor, even Windows Photos or Microsoft Paint and re-exporting it to write over the corrupted metadata. 

If you send the corrupted image and the fix image to Topaz Labs tech support we can change our code to detect these sorts of corruptions and we always appreciate that. 


2. Unsupported Camera or Scanner Metadata: Images from a particular scanner or particular camera may have some metadata that is causing crashing. Try using images from another camera, scanner etc. There are several free services online and free programs that can be used to wipe or edit your image metadata. 


If you are able to identify the camera, scanner, or image with the crash causing meta data please send it to to Topaz Labs tech support so that we can develop and support for it. 





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