How to switch to your more powerful Graphics Card (GPU) in Windows

Configure the Dedicated GPU

Note, this will not apply to all Windows machines and this is only possible for some computers that have two graphics cards.

For machines with two graphic cards, the computer may use Intel by default (the less powerful of the two), so setting this preference is necessary to use some of our products that require more GPU power than the Intel graphics can provide.

If you are using an Intel HD Graphics Card - but you have a switchable, dedicated graphics card (GPU) installed in your machine, see the steps below for enabling the more powerful card. 


NVIDIA Switchable Graphics

To set this in the NVIDIA Control Panel, head to:

Manage 3D Settings → Preferred Graphics Processor → High-performance NVIDIA processor

**After you have changed this setting, you may need to scroll down a bit to apply the changes



AMD Switchable Graphics

In order to set your AMD Graphics Card as your preferred card for running a specific application (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, Adjust AI, Mask AI, Gigapixel AI, JPEG to RAW AI, Topaz Studio 2), you will need to open the AMD Catalyst Control Center and proceed to the Power → Switchable Graphics Application Settings section of the Catalyst Control Center.  

Under the "All Applications" list, look for the application you would like to use your AMD Graphics Card for.  

Select the drop-down menu next to that application and choose the High-Performance option.

Select Apply, and you're done!



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