Photoshop Elements Cannot Load Topaz Labs as a Plugin

If you are not seeing Topaz Labs products in Photoshop Elements, try these workaround steps.


You will see two Topaz Labs folders on your computer. 




Older products will be found in the folder called Topaz Labs on your computer. Newer products and future updates have a new installer framework and the products will be in a folder called Topaz Labs LLC. This is done by design and it is not a mistake. 

In Photoshop Elements, check under Edit -> Preferences to see where your plugin folder is.

Photoshop Elements can only point to one additional folder in that specific Adobe Software.




One option is to switch each time you want to use the plugins that are in different folders in the Photoshop Elements Preferences. But there is another solution that will have all the plugins in one place for you to use. 


You can move everything in one folder, Topaz Labs, into the other folder, Topaz Labs LLC. Then you point Photoshop Elements to Topaz Labs LLC. See the steps below:


1. Close Photoshop


2. Find your Topaz Labs folder and your Topaz Labs LLC folder. They will be next to each other in your Program Files. 

Go to this path C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs or C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC


3. Next, you want to open up the Topaz Labs folder. You are going to need to Cut the product folders from that folder and move them by Pasting them inside the Topaz Labs LLC. Here is how to do that. 

-Select all [CTRL + A] the product folders inside the Topaz Labs folder

-Use [CTRL + X] on your keyboard to Cut all the product folders (those will be saved to your Clipboard)

-Next, you Paste [CTRL + V] into the Topaz Labs LLC folder. 

If you feel more comfortable Copying and Pasting you can do that instead. Then you can go back to the Topaz Labs folder and delete all the program files in there. You do not need full copies of those files in both folders taking up space. 


4. Very important: You will want to Open all the Topaz Labs products so they can write to the registry at their new location.


5. Open Photoshop again and confirm that you can see it under Filters -> Topaz Labs product





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