Adjust AI Will Not Launch on MacOS

If you double click your App and it appears to launch but nothing happens...



Check the menu at the top of your screen

If it shows Topaz Adjust AI but shows no other menu options, 

for example if there is no "File" menu, 


1. Open a Finder window

2. Hit CMD + SHIFT + G to open the preferences panel 


3. Paste ~/Library/Preferences and then hit the Go button


4. Type "Adjust" in the Search Bar in the top right hand of the Finder window


5.  Click "Preferences" next to Search: to make sure only the Preferences folder is being searched, not your whole computer


6. Right click both plist files found in your search and select "Move to Trash"

7. Refresh the Preferences folder page in the Finder by navigating to another folder and then navigating back using the back button on your Finder. You should see that both plist files are gone now. 


8. Reboot your machine.

9. Relaunch Adjust AI. If your Adjust AI still will not launch, please contact tech support and let them know about your issue. 


If that does not work, then you need to give full system access to Adjust AI, 

1. Type Command + Space to open the spotlight search



2. Select the Security and Privacy option



3. Click the lock icon to unlock your settings so you can change them


3. Select Accessibility from the Left Hand panel


4. Click the Plus sign button under the right hand panel

5. Navigate to /Applications/Topaz Adjust AI and select the Topaz Adjust AI app bundle and click the button labelled "Open" to select Adjust AI


6. Restart Adjust AI to see if it will start now that it has the access it needs to run on your computer.


If you still cannot get it to run on your computer, please open a ticket with us in the help center and attach your system profile to your ticket:

Find an Attach Your Mac System Profile:
1. Apple Menu>About This Mac>More Info…
2. Click System Report...
3. File>Save
4. Attach the file to your ticket you open at the Help Center

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