Image Exported from Topaz Program Not Opening in Other Editor(s)

This is possibly caused by some meta data in your file. 

Please use a metadata wiping service, such as this free one online at

to wipe the meta data from the problematic image and process your image again.

If you have Photoshop:

1. Open the image that is causing the crashing in Photoshop

2. File -> Export -> Export As


2. Make sure that when you export, you export with Metadata set to None, and make sure that "Embed Color Profile" is not checked. 



If you do not have Photoshop please re export your image with the meta data and color profile data removed and try running your image in your Topaz AI software again.



Known Issues:

Tiffs from Sharpen AI Will Not Open in Nik Software with Error Message "Failed to Load Image":

Please try wiping your metadata and importing into NIK again or re-exporting as another filetype until we can deploy a fix for this issue.


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