How to Wipe the MetaData and Embedded Color Profile Data from an Image

Occasionally you might see crashing or odd behavior on just one image, from one particular camera or from a scanner. If you have an image or set of images that are always crashing, it is possibly caused by some unusual metadata in your file. 

One workaround would be to wipe the metadata from the problematic image and process your image again.

Feel free to use a metadata wiping service, such as this free one online at

Or you can do a search on Google for services to remove Metadata. 

You can also use Photoshop:

You can remove the metadata if you have Photoshop. See the steps below:

1. Open the image that is causing the crashing in Photoshop

2. File -> Export -> Export As


2. Make sure that when you export, you export with Metadata set to None, and make sure that "Embed Color Profile" is not checked. 



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