How to Add Your Custom Looks from Regular Topaz Studio to Topaz Studio BETA

1. Open a new Finder window

2. Hold down CMD + SHIFT+ G to open the Go To panel: 

3. Type in the path: ~/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Studio 2/


4. Click the Go button


5. It will take you to the default Topaz Studio 2 Custom Resources folder. It should look exactly like this. If you specified a different custom resources folder when you installed, go to that folder instead. 


6. Open a new Finder Window (you can use CMD + N shortcut keys to do this) 

You should now see two Finder windows


7. In the bottom Finder window press CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To panel


7. Paste in the Path: ~/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Studio 2 BETA/


8. Hold down the alt kay and drag and drop the My Looks folder from the top Finder window to the bottom Finder window (the BETA window) to copy over your looks. If it asks you if you want to replace, select yes.





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