Error Changing Permissions while installing Studio 2

If you are seeing the following error below when trying to install Topaz Studio 2, there is a temporary workaround to resolve this. Here is a step by step to fix the installation error regarding Changing Permissions in the Topaz Studio 2 installer.

If you seeing this error message, "Error Changing permissions to 040755 in/Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Studio 2/"



Follow these steps: 

1. You will need to download the Permissions Utility. Click on this link to download: Permissions Utility 

2. Go to the Download folder on your computer 

3. Double click the file to open it




4. Hold down the control key on your keyboard (THIS STEP IS NOT OPTIONAL)

5. Click the Topaz+Studio+Permissions+Utilty+2.0.0 to open the context menu (while holding down the control key)




6. Select Open from the Context Menu




7. Click the Open button in the dialog that comes up




8. Click the Yes, let's get started! button




9. Click the Ok button




10. If any other windows come up or any error messages pop up after this in the Utility just click ok, it is usually just telling you that it made a folder or that it can't do something, but that should be fine.21.png

11. Run the 2.3.1 Installer again (if you run into any other issues with your installer please Delete Your Plist File) and run the installer again 

If you still cannot install Studio 2, and you have run the Permissions Utility, and deleting your Plist file does not fix your issue, you can just delete your old folders and start with a clean slate. 

1. Open a Finder window

2. Hold down CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To panel3.png


3. Paste the path: /Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/ into the field where it says "Enter a path"11.png


4. Delete the Topaz Studio 2 folder12.png


5. Hold down CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To Panel again3.png


6. Paste ~/Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs LLC/ in the field where it says "Enter a path"13.png


7. Click the Go button

8. Delete the Topaz Studio 2 folder14.png


9. Hold down CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To panel3.png


10. Paste the path ~ into the field where it says "Enter a path"15.png


11. Scroll down if needed and click the Topaz Labs LLC folder to go inside it.




12. Click the Topaz Studio 2 folder to go inside it17.png


13. If you have Custom Looks, Filters or Textures that you want to back up, copy these folders to your Desktop



14. Go up one folder back into the Topaz Labs LLC folder19.png


15. Delete the Topaz Studio 2 folder20.png


16. Run the 2.3.1 Installer again and you should be good to go!




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